Is it allowed to work 24h per week in the Hipercentro?

Is it allowed to install all types of industry?
Activity licencing in Portugal is not made by the owners / managers of the premises. Industrial activities are licenced in the official entities. However, in order to obtain such permit from the portuguese authorities, the building / facilities were the industrial activity is intended to be labouring must accomplish certain requirements that enable to receive industry. Hipercentro is one of the few in central Porto, that fulfil the requirements enabling industry until Type 3 industrial facilities.

What is the historical level of accidents in Hipercentro?

Due to well-trained personal and organization in the past 10 years we had 0 accidents inside Hipercentro.

In case of a Fire, how does Hipercentro react?
Apart from strict safety rules and procedures that cover almost all types of accidents that we can think of and for what maintenance and porters are trained, Hipercentro has a powerful water reserve and active combat system that allows fire combat for more than 48 hors independent from public water network.
This system enable clients to negotiate assurance fees with their assurance companies.

It´s possible to install in Hipercentro industries that demand great energy power?
At Hipercentro we have medium tension. Therefore, no problem with energy power demands.

Is there a Truck parking at Hipercentro?
Yes. There is a secured, low cost Truck parking, just across the road. 

Can we park our cars inside the business centre?
To each rented space / company is attributed a limited number of parking spaces. However, to big fleets, the low-cost secured parka cross the street is a very cheap and practical option.

What does condominium price includes?
It includes, Porter services, public areas cleaning, gardening maintenance, common building maintenance, water and electricity infrastructures maintenance, exterior lightening maintenance, administrative services, business centre management, assurances, site maintenance,…

How much to my company to be present at the site of Hipercentro?
I tis free for a client to be at Hipercentro’s site

When someone visits Hipercentro, how does he know how to came to my company?
Apart from the identification panels, the porters will help the visitor to your company.